Welcome to the Saint Andrew Society of Hawaii website. The Saint Andrew Society of Hawaii (SASH) was formed on November 30, 1989 as a non-profit, charitable organization (IRS Code 501(c)3).

The Objectives of SASH:


SASH strives to educate the general public and members about Scottish and Scottish-American heritage. In keeping with the traditional importance placed on education by Scots and Scottish-Americans, the Society may choose to assist and promote the public and private education of the people of our community.

Perpetuation of Our Heritage

SASH seeks to continue the traditions of dress, music, art, history, genealogy and language that make the Scottish and Scottish-American cultures distinct and have contributed so greatly to the wealth of humanity. A goal is to establish a Celtic historical and cultural center in Hawaii.

Charitable Service

SASH contributes materially and financially to charitable causes.

Celtic Cooperation

SASH works closely with like-minded Celtic groups to ensure our Scottish heritage is fully recognized and appropriately represented. We participate in the Waikiki St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the annual Scottish Festival & Highland Games in April, and many other Celtic cultural events.

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